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Our community thrives on the energy and efforts of each individual member.
There are so many ways for our parent members to help us build a strong, caring, and cohesive community: volunteering in the classroom, participating in Parent Connection, helping with celebrations and events, chaperoning filed trips… the list goes on and on.
Please join us — we’re strongest when we work together!
Parent Connection
  • "The students in the room were terrific at asking questions.  They had questions, rather than just sitting there; their questions were authentic, rather than attempts to show off or compete with the presenters; they weren't afraid to ask questions that really showed the limits of their own knowledge but instead preferred to ask and learn more; they asked questions that showed they were imagining the process of discovery as well as the information known at the end.  That's seriously impressive.  And it doesn't happen by accident.  It's the kind of thing that happens when a culture of a certain kind of questioning and conversation is deliberately fostered."
    Richard Primus
    Richard Primus Current Parent
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