Parent Connection

The Mission of the HDS Parent Connection is to enhance the educational experience of the children at the Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor by actively promoting meaningful parental involvement at HDS, and creating a caring and cohesive community.

The Parent Connection is an integral part of the HDS community. It supports HDS through volunteerism, community building, and fundraising. All parents are members of the Parent Connection and are encouraged to participate wherever their skills and interests direct them. Parents are invited to share their ideas, talents, and interests and become as involved in school as is fitting to their families. There are many opportunities for parents who work both outside and inside the home.

The Parent Connection aspires to make a positive contribution to the school’s activities by supporting the staff and students. For example, the Parent Connection coordinates room parents as liaisons between the teachers and parents for classroom and school events, field trips, afterschool sports programs, and more. The funds the Parent Connection raises are used to support the school and extend appreciation to the staff.

The volunteer spirit in our school exemplifies the strong partnership between school and home. Our volunteers set an outstanding example for our children through modeling kindness, generosity and commitment.

The Parent Connection is a great way to support and participate in your child’s education while interacting with the staff and other parents.”

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