A cart filled with several boxes, large and small, arrives in the classroom. Eyes widen, smiles spread, excited chatter begins. The students learn that the boxes contain gifts for the school and they wonder what they could be. They begin their hypotheses: “Maybe it’s a box of legos,” “Maybe it’s a replacement of something we already have but is not working right,” “Maybe it’s…”

They soon hear the story. A special birthday was approaching and two daughters puzzled over how to best honor this milestone for their father. They knew their father cared deeply about both science and Jewish education, so Debra Chopp and Gil Seinfeld, Sarah Chopp and Mayer Rosenzweig decided that the perfect gift would be a donation to HDS to support our budding scientists.

Our teachers made wish lists for items and equipment that would help support and expand the science learning in their classrooms. The lists included items such as a model of the human torso, items for learning about weather andforecasting (such as an anemometer and wind vane), an orbiter planetarium, items to support our green school initiative such as a worm composter, and others. With this generous gift, we will be able to purchase all of the items on our lists. The students are excited about the surprises that await in the next set of packages.

Albert Einstein said, “The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” We are honored andgrateful to be the recipient of a gift that so meaningfully brings together the commitment to science and Jewish education.

Thank you Debra, Gil, Sarah and Mayer. Mazal tov and happy birthday Dr. Michael Chopp.

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