Debbie Carbone, Gan (Kindergarten) Teacher

  • What classes and grade levels do you teach?

    Kindergarten – general studies

    Why do you like teaching at Hebrew Day School?

    I love the value that HDS places on using integrated, thematic units to inspire our students to learn. The teachers are encouraged to be creative, to design hands-on lessons, and to nurture our students social, emotional, physical and cognitive well-being. I feel fortunate to work in a setting where my personal and professional philosophies of teaching are closely aligned with the school’s vision.

    What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

    I believe strongly in the importance of using the dramatic play area to encourage Kindergartners to act out real-life scenarios. We have converted our classroom kitchen area into a pet shop, a post office, a restaurant, Noah’s Ark, and a scientific exploration lab. The children use their imaginations, enhance their oral language skills as they problem solve social conflicts, and they take an active role in constructing their play.

    Describe how students can benefit from academic classes and learning Hebrew and Judaic studies at Hebrew Day School.

    Learning a second language is a tremendous benefit to our students. The Kindergartners wholeheartedly embrace the Hebrew language and watching them sing, dance and speak in Hebrew is a truly joyous sight. The ability to feel confident and comfortable to take academic risks, to challenge one’s self beyond your comfort zone and to share a rich history of tradition helps to define who we are and who we aim to be.

    What sets Hebrew Day School students apart from other students?

    Starting in Kindergarten, students learn and practice songs (in both Hebrew and in English) and perform for large audiences, including their peers and the families of the school. Watching the youngest students transition from hesitant and nervous singers, to confident and proud children, with a strong stage presence, is truly remarkable. I believe that the poise that I developed at my Bat Mitzvah already begins in the Kindergarten. The public speaking skills that our students possess at HDS are truly exceptional.

    Debbie Carbone, Gan
    Debbie Carbone, GanKindergarten Teacher
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