Julia Rothchild, Yale University, HDS Class of 2005

  • Addressing the HDS students during a concert with her Yale acapella group, Magevet, Julia shared the following here:

    “…After I went to HDS, where I was so happy and which I loved, I went to Tappan and then to Pioneer.  After Pioneer I went to Yale, which is where all of us go to school. When I was in middle school and high school, after I left HDS, I didn’t do much with Hebrew or Judaism, or singing, and when I went to college, I joined this group.  I feel like I got a part of my HDS life back, where I am singing for Jewish audiences all over the country and around the world.”

    What is acapella? Magevet broke it down for HDS students. Click here to watch.

    Julia Rothchild
    Julia RothchildYale University, HDS Class of 2005
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