Ken Colton, Alumni Parent, Board of Trustees

  • What do you love most about Hebrew Day School?

    I appreciate the welcoming personal environment the most. Above all else, when walking around the school, I sense the children feel very comfortable with the staff and the other children. The teachers “ooze” compassion towards their students. The kids in return, feel safe to explore, speak out and experiment.

    Why do you think it is important for Jewish families to consider a Jewish day school?

    Jewish kids need to begin their journey with a healthy dose of Jewish identity. They need to feel proud and self confident about their heritage.
    Weekend religious schools don’t provide enough consistency to imprint the significance of Judaism on the kids. After sending one of three of my children through HDS, I realize the difference this background has made.

    What impact does Hebrew Day School have on the community of Ann Arbor?

    HDS affects the community in both tangible and intangible ways. It provides a beacon to prospective employees at the University. In addition, it encourages young children to connect and stay connected to other Jewish kids. It also connects multiple generations to not only HDS thru the children, but also to the JCC. The school also provides fertile ground to encourage young adult graduates to remain in the area. 

    How would you encourage parents to send their children to Hebrew Day School?

    Prospective families need to appreciate how important it is for their children to get a good foundation and help encourage tradition to be continued in the home. In our country where Jewish identity seems to be assimilating into American culture, we need to raise strong sensitive children who feel an obligation to understand and promote their Jewish identity.

    Ken Colton
    Ken ColtonAlumni Parent, Board of Trustees
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