Robin Axelrod, Alumni Parent

  • What do you love most about Hebrew Day School?

    There is so much that I love about HDS, including the strong sense of community and the excellent education my children received.

    Why did you choose Hebrew Day School for your child(ren)?

    We had just returned from a short sabbatical in Israel and wanted a school that would allow our children to keep up their Hebrew, so HDS was the obvious choice. However, once we started exploring all of our school options, HDS won out not just because of the Hebrew program but also because of the small class size and the strong sense of community.

    In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at Hebrew Day School?

    From the day they began in the gan, my children grew academically and socially as well as Jewishly. They continue to maintain very close friendships with their HDS classmates and their families.

    In what ways has Hebrew Day School prepared your child(ren) for their next school?

    My children attended Emerson after HDS and were academically and socially well-prepared. The transition was seamless.

    What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their child at Hebrew Day School?

    HDS is more than a school; it is a warm and caring community.

    Robin Axelrod
    Robin AxelrodAlumni Parent
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